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Visual CE® Features

Visual CE software allows you to build custom mobile database applications for any Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, or Windows CE device


  • Support for Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Pocket PC, and Windows CE devices
  • Build forms for database included with Visual CE
  • Build forms for Pocket Access tables
  • Build forms for SQL Server CE databases (requires sqlceEnable)
  • Relational capabilities
  • Royalty free distribution (does not include mEnable or sqlceEnable).
  • Supports device-based printing
  • Capable of integrating with mEnable and Report CE.
  • Very small footprint
  • Support for colors and custom colors
  • Use data residing on a flashcard
  • Run forms on a handheld computer
  • Run forms on a desktop computer
  • Support for barcode scanning devices
  • Support for Socket's plug-in scanner cards allows direct integration of scanning into database applications
  • For Symbol, Socket, and Intermec scanners, scans can automatically push buttons that launch macro programs
  • Send SMS messages from directly within database apps
  • Incoming SMS messages can launch a database app
  • Support for Regional settings

Form Design

  • Multi-page capabilities utilizing tabs
  • Labels, text, notes, check boxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists
  • Calculated fields
  • Complete picture control allows storage of images within the created database
  • Add images to buttons; arrange to form complex, navigable image maps
  • Support for digital ink (scribble & signature)
  • Time capture (stopwatch) control
  • Command and application launch buttons
  • Set button color
  • Set buttonface image
  • Dependent drop down lists, Multi-select, and Navigational dropdown lists
  • Multi-select dropdowns
  • Pop-up word lists
  • Look-up Controls (to display data from an associated table)
  • Sophisticated Grid Controls including column headers and sorting
  • On-screen number pad
  • On-screen calendar
  • On-screen file selector
  • Tap-and-hold to cut, copy, and paste
  • Tap-and-hold to create and position controls
  • Image control can display HTML
  • Center aligning of controls (in addition to left and right)
  • Left/center/right alignment on text controls
  • Cut and paste multiple controls
  • Image controls connected to text fields and cameras
  • Support for FlyCAM, HP cameras, and the Windows CE Universal Camera API
  • Marquee select
  • Form headers / form footers
  • Textual listing of forms and macros

Desktop Connectivity/Data Transfer/Synchronization

  • Synchronize with any ODBC-enabled database, including Microsoft Access
  • Synchronize multiple handhelds to the same desktop table
  • Synchronize different tables to different databases
  • ODBC access to data
  • Real-time wireless access to server data, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, or Sybase
  • Centralized device security, loading, and updating (requires mEnable)
  • Beam records from one handheld to another
  • Synchronization operator that copies data from handheld to desktop and deletes data from handheld
  • Synchronization operator that publishes data to handheld
  • Synchronize to a desktop table with an autonumber column
  • Device-based text file import and export (text or XML)
  • Ability to clear the database
  • Import/Export Commands allow you to specify filename
  • mEnable on and mEnable synch commands can suppress the dialog
  • Moving files via mEnable wireless connection
  • Wireless signal strength indicator

Finding and Viewing Data

  • Single and multi-record viewing
  • Filtering for one or more criteria
  • Predefined and custom filters
  • "Wild Card" searching
  • Up to four sort and search fields
  • List mode with sizable columns and zoom
  • Search commands can do exact match searches
  • Search commands do not have to prompt user from search value

Development Environment Features

  • Events: set focus, lose focus, value changed, action, left, right, up, down, or hardware buttons pressed; form start-up; grid row selected; and displaying a record, moving off record, screen rotating
  • Wizard to create distribution disks (that can be run on desktop or handheld)
  • Custom Menu bars
  • Macros can launch other macros
  • Command to show/hide some other control
  • Command to set focus to a particular control
  • Timer and abort commands
  • GPS support for all NMEA-compatible devices (parse and save values according to the NMEA standard)
  • Drag-and-drop control creation
  • Develop forms on either a handheld device or a desktop computer
  • Font selection (typeface, size, style)
  • Macro programming allows execution of multiple commands in a specified order
  • A macro editor, making it easy to create well-structured, well-documented macros
  • A macro debugger
  • Support for global variables
  • Field and variable values allowed in messages
  • Support for scalar functions (24 numeric functions, 15 string functions, 14 date and time functions, 3 GPS functions, 8 system functions)
  • Set alarms on records
  • Commands to play built-in sounds
  • Commands to play pre-recorded sounds
  • Controls such as edit controls, radio buttons, command buttons, and jump buttons can be connected to variables
  • Lookups, grids, and dropdown menu content can be keyed to variables
  • Variables can be used in filter conditions
  • Read/write strings to the serial port
  • Read/write strings to a text file
  • Ability to load drop-down lists from tables
  • Required fields
  • Default responses
  • Message boxes (yes/no or OK)
  • /f and /F switch can be used to position to a specific record when the form is opened from within another program
  • Calculated expressions can check for the existence of a picture or signature
  • An ASSIGN can clear a picture or signature
  • Dial a phone
  • Set uniqueness constraint on column values
  • Range constraints on edit controls
  • Mask edit controls
  • Password edit controls
  • Autonumbering
  • String values can be used as expressions
  • Cascade deletes
  • Hide menu bar
  • Hide title bar on form
  • Hide record count
  • Hide start button
  • Calculate sum of values in grid / count records in grid

Pre-Built Interfaces

Visual CE ships with pre-built interfaces for calendar, numeric data entry and file selection.  

Built-in Calendar
Built-in numeric keypad
Built-in Calendar
Built-in numeric keypad