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sqlceEnable™ 4

Development Tool Allows Rapid Application Development and Report Writing with SQL Server CE Databases

Designed for Pocket PC and Windows CE devices, sqlceEnable is an add-on to Visual CE® and Report CE® that allows mobile professionals to create custom applications and print reports using SQL Server CE databases.

Visual CE and sqlceEnable

When used with Visual CE, sqlceEnable allows SQL Server CE users to quickly design and share mobile forms. Whether the need is to track patient activity or more effectively manage the product development process, the software allows the creation of exactly the application desired in weeks rather than months or years.

Report CE and sqlceEnable

When used with Report CE, sqlceEnable allows mobile professionals to create and print custom reports using data from SQL Server CE databases. Together, sqlceEnable and Report CE allow users to quickly design and share professional reports in exactly the format required. Quickly generate invoices, quotes, customer receipts, pick lists, or graphs.

sqlceEnable is the perfect companion for Visual Studio developers. The combination of sqlceEnable and Report CE allows custom reports and local printing capabilities to quickly and easily be added to applications based on SQL Server CE databases. In a short time, mobile users can be printing patient records, generating service reports, and more.

sqlceEnable can be seamlessly integrated into new or pre-built applications, significantly shortening development time and increasing the efficiency of end users.



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