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Product Documentation  

SYWARE product documentation in PDF format (feel free to print these for non-commercial, personal use):

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Free Visual CE Add-on Tools

The tools below can be downloaded as a single zip file.

  • Rebuild - Rebuilds a desktop table definition given a form.
  • Backup - Backs up a table into a '.ced' file or restores a table from a '.ced' file.
  • Expunge - Expunges a form from the device. Removes the shortcut, the form, the registry entries, and, if you desire, the table.
  • Clean - Removes extraneous desktop table definitions from the WCEODBC.INI file
  • Index CDB - Adds/removes indexes in a .cdb file
  • SSCE Utility - Allows you to enter and execute SQL commands on an SQL Server CE database (requires sqlceEnable)

ODBC Files