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Northwind Mobile Traders (Order Entry Sample Template)

Visual CE software allows you to build custom mobile database applications for any Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, or Windows CE device

Visual CE® Application Template for Order Entry, Sales Tracking, and Inventory Management

Northwind Mobile Traders is a software template that allows the quick and easy creation of data-driven mobile applications on Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices. Modeled after Microsoft's® Northwind Traders sample database software, this mobile edition runs in conjunction with Visual CE, SYWARE's award-winning database and forms development software.

The Northwind Mobile Traders order entry sample template was installed when you installed the Visual CE development envionment. On the desktop, it can most likely be found in C:\Program Files\Windows CE Services\SYWARE Visual CE\Northwind. On the handheld, it can be found under START | PROGRAMS | NORTHWIND MOBILE TRADERS. Instructions for populating the Northwinds Mobile Traders Database with sample data can be found here.

The Northwind Mobile Traders application template contains sales and product information for a fictitious company invented by Microsoft called Northwind Traders, a company that imports and exports specialty foods around the world. The application template contains tables and fields that are preconfigured, allowing you to experiment with the data from this company, and use the forms, reports, and other database objects as models for your own mobile database application.

Northwind Mobile Traders includes tables for products/items, suppliers, customers, orders, employees, and categories. You can can enter additional information, edit existing data, and create your own application for order entry, sales tracking, and inventory management.

Northwind Mobile Traders is a sample template for mobile databases that works with SYWARE's Visual CE software

Northwind Mobile Traders works in conjunction with SYWARE's Visual CE, the award-winning forms and database development software for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs. Visual CE's drag-and-drop customization enables the rapid creation of database and forms applications by programmers and business professionals alike. No programming is required. Simply decide what information is needed, then drag and drop controls to create custom electronic forms.

Now you can create your own mobile applications by starting with the tables and fields available in Northwind Mobile Traders. The template's pre-built forms and database objects allow quick and easy development of a variety of applications to track sales and inventory.