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mEnable FAQ

mEnable software provides mobile database synchronization for handheld database applications

M4-a) How do I start the mEnable server?

On most machines, the mEnable server runs as a service called “SYWARE mEnable” that is started automatically when the machine is booted.  Check the services control panel to see if it is running.

If you machine does not support services, you can start the mEnable server manually by selecting START | PROGRAMS | SYWARE mEnable | mEnable.

If you machine does support services, but for some reason you don’t see mEnable on the list of services, you can install the service manually by selecting START | PROGRAMS | SYWARE mEnable | Install service.

M4-b) How do I synchronize using mEnable?

Visual CE comes with a synchronizer. When using mEnable with Visual CE, you can initiate a synchronization from the handheld over a TCP/IP connection. No ActiveSync connection is needed when you synchronize this way.

M4-c) How do I program using mEnable?

To program an application using mEnable, there are several options.

You can call mEnable directly from a VB, VB.NET, C, C++, or C# application.  In this case, your application would call the mEnable API on the handheld and mEnable would make these calls,on your behalf, on a remote database server over a TCP/IP connection. The sample applications included in mEnable SDK can be found in the folder C:\Program Files\SYWARE mEnable.

You can use mEnable with our Visual CE or Report CE products. In this case, there would be no significant extra work since Visual CE and Report CE are fully integrated with mEnable.

M4-d) What is the difference between “occasionally connected” mode and “always connected” mode?

In “occasionally connected” mode, the application works against a copy of the database on the handheld and periodically synchronizes these changes to the database server.  In “always connected” mode, the application works against actual data on the database server (the data is not stored on the handheld).

“Occasionally connected” has the advantage that handheld user can continue working even if the connection to the mEnable server is broken.  “Always connected” has the advantage that the data is always current and all change are immediately available to other users.

M4-e) Can I use mEnable in “occasionally connected” mode when programming in VB, VB.NET, C, C++, or C#?

No. “Occasionally connected” makes use of the Visual CE synchronizer to synchronize the data with the database server.  When using mEnable with one of these programming languages, you always work in “always connected” mode.