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SerialLink™ 2

The Serial Port Integration Solution for Windows CE

SerialLink™ is a Windows CE serial input device. Acting as a stand-alone system tray application. SerialLink stores in the kernel keyboard buffer characters passing through the serial port of a Windows CE device, then automatically directs those characters to the active application window. The driver's tiny footprint and zero-memory off mode preserve vital memory resources. The driver's system-level interface ensures operability with any enabled application running on any Windows CE device.

SerialLink provides a simple, cost-effective solution for all types of portable data applications. Serial-enabled input devices such as barcode scanners and magnetic stripe card readers work with SerialLink to provide Windows CE-based solutions for managing inventory, tracking work-in-process, auditing prices, tracking patients, and conducting market research surveys. The driver also allows Windows CE devices to collect data from remote systems via the serial port.

Windows CE developers save time and money because SerialLink:

  • Extends existing data collection solutions to the Windows CE platform
  • Works with any serial-enabled input device with zero modifications
  • Preserves vital memory resources
  • Works with any handheld PC running Windows CE
  • Slashes time to market

SerialLink features:

  • Can be set to pre-pend and post-pend letters, digits, special characters, linefeeds, carriage returns, and tabs
  • Stores characters in device's kernel keyboard buffer
  • Automatically directs serial input to application window with focus
  • Operates as a standalone system tray application (.EXE)
  • Requires less than 15 kilobytes of RAM memory when enabled
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Removes itself completely from memory when disabled
  • Integrated with Windows CE operating system at the kernel






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