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Visual CE's Mobile Forms Capability Chosen for Fleet Automation System

It looks like Microsoft Mobiles are unbeatable for enterprise applications: GeoForms is based on Visual CE, SYWARE´s mobile forms development toolset for Windows Mobile devices, including Pocket PC and Windows CE

GeoForms is based on Visual CE, SYWARE´s mobile forms development toolset for Windows Mobile devices
GeoForms is based on Visual CE, SYWARE's mobile forms development toolset for Windows Mobile devices.

har*GIS, LLC, a developer of mobile GIS solutions for automating field operations, has partnered with SYWARE, Inc. to add fast, flexible mobile forms development to the har*GIS TruckMapT suite of fleet automation software. The newest TruckMap component, GeoFormsT, provides crews and dispatchers with a quick and efficient way to create mobile forms for gathering data in the field. Data is entered into a form on a handheld device, loaded into a local database for quick analysis in the field, then integrated with centralized databases and mapping software for system-wide queries and reports. GeoForms is based on Visual CE, SYWARE´s award-winning mobile forms development toolset for Windows Mobile devices, including Pocket PC and Windows CE. The new GeoForms software combines har*GIS´ expertise in geospatial systems and GIS for utilities, public works, and small fleets with SYWARE´s expertise in mobile forms and database development tools.

"Whether truck drivers or field service technicians, our customers need to work quickly and efficiently in a variety of remote environments," said Jim Hargis, President of har*GIS LLC. "Visual CE was the right choice for GeoForms because it supports TruckMap´s core philosophy of ´no programming required´. Our customers need to be up and running quickly, gathering data instead of struggling with a complicated programming sequence or awkward user interface. Visual CE is powerful yet quick and easy to implement, reducing project development time and costs. In addition, it works identically across all Windows PC and Windows Mobile platforms, allowing users to choose the platform and form factor best suited to their needs."

Intuitive Database and Mobile Forms Development

GeoForms is based on Visual CE, a full-featured, mobile forms development and relational database program. It provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows operators to quickly create forms and databases without coding. Database forms can be designed, maintained, and run in full color either on the handheld device or the desktop computer. Once the application is developed, records can be easily beamed from one handheld device to another. Users can also share data with popular ODBC-enabled software like Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, SQL Server, Oracle, or Visual Basic. Other features include macros, pop-up word lists, creation of pre-defined data filters, robust font selection, multi-select dropdowns, and a wide range of numeric, string, and date functions.

About SYWARE, Inc.

SYWARE empowers over 100,000 mobile users to collect data and create feature-rich database applications that can be deployed on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Windows CE device- wherever they need to work. Industry or user-specific data can be downloaded, collected, displayed, modified and synchronized, without programming. SYWARE provides low cost of ownership, rapid deployment and return-on-investment without requiring users to expand IT departments to manage software and data between desktops and servers to devices. SYWARE removes obstacles to commerce and enables users to share data seamlessly over wireless, LAN, WAN or Internet connections in a wide variety of market sectors, including municipalities, healthcare, transportation, government, life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and other markets.

The cornerstone of SYWARE’s product line is Visual CE 9 To learn more about SYWARE, visit SYWARE is also the creator of mEnable, a flexible software architecture for real-time wireless access to enterprise data located on corporate servers, and FoneDB, the first database software for Microsoft Smartphone devices.

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